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Liverpool: from capital of Pop music to Eurovision venue in 2023

Liverpool has been the world capital of music since 2001, among other reasons for being the city of the Beatles, but now also for being the venue for Eurovision 2023 representing Ukraine, winner of the song festival in 2022, during his first year of war. Undoubtedly a historical fact.

And if you're a Eurovision fan and don't miss a single final, Liverpool will make you fall in love. Because it's the liveliest, most alternative, fun and crazy city in the UK. A city where you can listen to live music from one in the afternoon in one of the famous pubs on Mathew Street. Where you can walk through the first steps of the Beatles: Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields, their houses and the first places where they played like the Casbah, or where they became famous, The Cavern Club. Where you can visit the best museum of Music in the world or the museum of the famous four of Liverpool. What more can a music fan ask for?

In addition, if you are a football fan you can visit the mythical Anfield stadium and also the Everton stadium, only separated by a park. And you will be able to walk its streets full of Victorian buildings, a time when Liverpool was the second most important city in the United Kingdom and the most important port in the world, through which 40% of the world's maritime traffic passed.

If you come to see the semifinals, May 9 and 11, and the final, on May 13, you will have four days to travel. And since almost all the events are at 8 in the afternoon, you will be able to see many things and enjoy a lot, if you know how to take advantage of your time. These are our recommendations and the schedules and links to the Eurovision 2023 events.

Three or four days are enough to soak up the personality of this fascinating city and its surroundings. But to understand its origins, its history of splendor and subsequent decline, and not to miss anything, the best thing to do is to take a tour with a guide who will show you the places where that history has been written.

We suggest that you dedicate one morning, before enjoying a semifinal, to the Liverpool Free Tour where you will visit William Brown Street, a world heritage site, the Royal Albert Dock, the three graces and also Mathew Street. In other words, everything that you cannot miss.

And since this tour ends next to the port, you can take the opportunity to visit one of the many museums there. The official Beatles (yes, there are also unofficial ones), the Music one, The Tate Gallery, the Titanic one and the highly recommended Slavery Museum, which explains how the terrible trade in human beings was for more than 200 years and in which Liverpool played an important role. These last two are also free.

In the afternoon or the next day, you can do another of the fundamental tours, especially if you are a maniacal Beatle, or simply a music fan: the Beatles free tour. You will visit the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, where John Lenon studied and the pubs where he began his career, but also the bombed-out church and the majestic entrance to Liverpool's Chinatown.

And one last recommendation, which you can't stop doing if you don't want to regret it: visit the small city of Chester, just 30 miles from Liverpool. It is a walled city, of Roman origin, with a medieval cathedral and the famous Rows and this year it has been declared the most beautiful city in the world... scientifically. You can contact a Spanish guide, who conducts tours in both Spanish and English, contact her here. You can go by train from any of the stations in the centre of Liverpool.

If you are one of those who do not want to miss anything, you will know that there are 8 events in total, with the previous ones or rehearsals, the semifinals and the final. Here we leave you a small summary/calendar.

May 8: Previous Night at 8 pm

May 9: Morning preview at 1:30 pm

May 9: Semifinal 1 at 8 pm

May 10: Previous Night at 8 pm

May 11: Morning preview at 1:30 pm

May 11: Semifinal 2 at 8 pm

May 12: Previous Night at 8 pm

May 13: morning preview at 1:00 pm

May 13: Grand Finale at 8 pm

We know you're going to fall in love with Liverpool... see you very soon.


Written by: Beatriz Fernadez Gutierrez - Chester's official guide.

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