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Hi! I'm Katherin, CEO and founder of this "boss experience." Let me tell you how it all started.

I arrived in Liverpool in 2015 with the intention of studying, but I couldn't resist its atmosphere and vibrant history. As a result, I ended up working for various tour companies. During those years, I gained experience and got to know the city and its people more deeply.

I started as an independent guide under the name "KR Liverpool Tours." Those initials are mine, "Katherin Ríos," reflecting that it was a very personal project. However, over time, my vision grew. After the pandemic, several colleagues and friends who shared the same love for Liverpool joined me, although we continued to operate under the original name.

We have experienced unforgettable moments, such as the reopening of the country to tourism, integrating all the necessary safety measures, some of which we still maintain today, like always carrying hand sanitizer. We were also part of Eurovision history when the festival was held in Liverpool in 2023. We wanted to leave our mark by offering, alongside journalist Maria Romanenko, 100% free tours (no tips) where we translated tours from English to Ukrainian for the refugees who came to enjoy Eurovision in Liverpool.

Several years have passed, and we still have much to offer travelers and the local community, so I decided to evolve. We have rebranded, removing my initials and placing more emphasis on who we are: "Liverpool Tours," with our mission to offer you "a boss experience" in Liverpool, meaning an unbeatable and authentic experience.

Without a doubt, the best thing about "Liverpool Tours: a boss experience" is the team, made up of qualified guides passionate about the place. Doug, Fuen, Helen, Iván, María, Marta, Nuria, Rob, Terry and Vicent will be waiting for you under the multicolored umbrella to explore Liverpool on one of our tours. Learn about the evolution of the city, the origins of the Beatles, the city's relationship with football, or the secrets of local architecture, immersing yourself in local life on each tour.

But we're going to take you a step further and turn your experience into one that's "boss," meaning the best. On our tours, you will not only learn the history and anecdotes, but we want you to feel like a local. Get to know what people do in Liverpool, how they live and what their daily lives are like, integrate yourself by incorporating some words from the local "language", Scouse.


Every corner of this city inspires us and drives us to share that passion on every tour. We believe in the power of stories, in the magic of personal encounters and in the creation of indelible memories.

Now all we need is you, are you coming to live "a boss experience"?

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Paulo Duarte - septiembre 2023

Very good tour of Liverpool with Doug. A lot of information given, some tidbits and funny stories. Majority of the tour around the story of the actual city as well as The Beatles, which is understandable as they are integrant part of the history of this magnificent city. Doug was a good guide making sure everyone stayed together as well as maintaining an adequate pace throughout the walk. Highly recommend it!

a boss team 😉

The essence of Liverpool Tours is in our team of guides