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  • Tour de Los Beatles en auto - en Español

    Reserva una visita turística por la ciudad y explora los sitios de la ciudad que vieron crecer a Los Beatles. Este tour en auto será dirigido por un guía local experto que te proporcionará interesantes detalles históricos. 1. Hogares de los Beatles: ◦ Visita las antiguas residencias de John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison y Ringo Starr. ◦ Explora los lugares donde se gestaron algunas de las más grandes composiciones de la banda. 2. Colegios Emblemáticos: ◦ Pasearemos por el Liverpool Institute of Art y el Quarry Bank School, donde los Beatles estudiaron y forjaron sus amistades. 3. Lugares de Encuentro: ◦ Descubre los lugares donde John y Paul se conocieron y compartieron su pasión por la música. 4. Escenarios Iniciales: ◦ Pasa por The Cavern Club, donde los Beatles realizaron más de 290 conciertos en sus primeros años. ◦ Explora otros lugares históricos donde la banda tocó sus primeras notas. 5. Partes Fantásticas del Centro: ◦ Admira la arquitectura única del Royal Albert Dock y el Pier Head. ◦ Descubre la majestuosidad de la Catedral Metropolitana de Liverpool. 6. Escondites del Centro: ◦ Explora callejones y rincones escondidos llenos de historia y encanto. ◦ Déjate sorprender por la belleza de los jardines secretos y plazas tranquilas. ¡Reserva tu experiencia única ahora! Solo envíanos un mensaje para obtener detalles sobre precios y disponibilidad. ¡Te garantizamos un viaje inolvidable a través de la historia musical de los Beatles en la encantadora ciudad de Liverpool!

  • Free Royal Albert Dock Tour

    Uncover the rich history of Liverpool with our Liverpool’s free Royal Albert Dock tour. Explore the captivating stories and incredible significance of this iconic site while gaining a deeper understanding of its integral role in Liverpool’s success and prosperity throughout the years. Engaging and informative, this tour is a must for any visitor to Liverpool. We begin our exciting historical tour from Mann Island , a strategic point that gives us a panoramic view of the Mersey River and its surroundings. From here we'll head a few steps next door to talk about George's Dock , the precursor to Albert Dock, where Liverpool's maritime history began to take shape. This old dock was the scene of important events and commercial transactions that laid the foundations for the subsequent development of the port. Throughout our tour, we will admire iconic monuments that adorn the waterfront, such as the Liver Building, the Cunard Building and the Port of Liverpool Building. These imposing structures bear witness not only to the architectural grandeur, but also to the historical importance of Liverpool as a key port. Finally we will arrive at the main port, the Royal Albert Dock which, during the Second World War, played a crucial role in the war effort. Its docks were essential for the supply and transportation of troops and supplies. The scars of that time can still be seen in some corners, reminding us of Liverpool's bravery and resilience during those difficult years. Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes before the start time of each tour. It is a walking tour, so it is recommended that visitors wear comfortable clothes. Bring a good attitude to tour Liverpool. For more info, please contact us. Thank you.

  • Liverpool through the time walking tour

    Step back in time and explore Liverpool through the years with our "Liverpool Through the Time" guided tour. Available in English or Spanish, this tour takes you on a historical journey through the city, including visits to the iconic Cathedrals. Our knowledgeable guides tailor the route to fulfill your specific needs, ensuring a personalized and engaging experience for all our visitors. What will we do? We will visit the Cultural quarter, and Liverpool One, to talk about the transformation of the city before and after the Blitz - World War II. We will walk thorugh the historical Georgian quarter wher you will get the chance to see both Cathedrals - Anglican and Catholic - while you discover their history. We will go down to the Cavern quarter, where you will get to know about The Beatles in the city and the important place that saw them grow, the famous Cavern Club. Walking down to the Royal Albert Dock, you will know its history. We will finish at Pier Head, knowing the beautiful 3 Graces of the city. And much more! In addition to visiting these memorable and historical places: China Town Bombed -Out Church Central Library St George's Hall Town hall Three Graces And more ... This tour will show you the magic of Liverpool. This tour is ideal for Solo travelers Couples Families Students Corporate meetings We can tailor this tour for your needs. Please wear comfortable clothes suitable for an outdoor walk: umbrella, hat, sunscreen, glasses ... For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you

  • Panoramic City Tour (Coach Tour)

    Welcome aboard our panoramic city coach tour of Liverpool, where we invite you to discover the captivating history, vibrant culture, and iconic landmarks that define this dynamic city. Join us as we embark on an unforgettable journey through Liverpool's past, present, and future. Our adventure begins at the Three Graces, a trio of majestic waterfront buildings that stand as symbols of Liverpool's maritime heritage. From the grandeur of the Royal Liver Building to the elegant Port of Liverpool Building and the majestic Cunard Building, marvel at the architectural splendour that graces the city's skyline. Next, we'll delve into the literary treasures of Liverpool at the Central Library, a cultural hub that celebrates the city's rich heritage and artistic legacy. Explore its vast collection of books, manuscripts, and archives, and uncover the stories that have shaped Liverpool's identity over the centuries. As we continue our journey, we'll pay homage to Liverpool's enduring love affair with football. Visit the hallowed grounds of Anfield Stadium, home to Liverpool FC, and Everton Stadium, the fortress of Everton FC. Feel the passion and excitement that reverberate through the stands as we celebrate the sporting prowess of these legendary clubs. No visit to Liverpool would be complete without a pilgrimage to the places that gave birth to the musical phenomenon known as The Beatles. Cruise down Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields, immortalized in song by the Fab Four, and relive the magic of their iconic music. As we traverse the city, we'll marvel at the architectural splendour of Liverpool's Anglican and Catholic Cathedrals, symbols of faith and spirituality that dominate the skyline. Admire their intricate designs and learn about the stories behind these magnificent structures. Finally, we'll explore the vibrant streets of Chinatown, where the sights, sounds, and flavours of the Far East come alive. From colourful lanterns to authentic cuisine, immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere of this cultural enclave. Ready to experience the best of Liverpool in one unforgettable journey? Contact us today to book your seat on our panoramic city coach tour. Let us be your guide to the history, culture, and excitement of Liverpool, where every moment promises a new adventure.

  • Liverpool Imperial Walking Tour

    We will be looking at how Liverpool has changed not just from 17 and 1800s to now but also from the 80s to the modern era. We will see how the history and personality of the city shaped its architecture. We will discover the reasons why the city was granted the Capital of Culture in 2008 and other titles granted by UNESCO due to its emblematic buildings considered a World Heritage Site. We will visit the Chinese Arch while we tell the story of the birth and growth of the city's Chinatown, explaining its curiosities and Liverpool's relationship with Shanghai. On this tour we will have the opportunity to visit the beautiful and stunning Liverpool Anglican Cathedral,and the inspiration of the architects in charge of this majestic work, which has positioned the city at a high level in terms of religious temples. We will walk through the Georgian quarter of the city, to make visitors travel to the past, seeing the authentic original Victorian and Georgian architecture. In addition to talking about some filming locations in this area. We will talk about this building made in the 1920s and its the orchestra because it is one of the oldest in the country. Also with one of the oddest world records. The philharmonic orchestra is the only orchestra to play a concert underwater. They did this in the middle of the Birkenhead tunnel when it opend. Also we will talk about the story when Paul McCartney worked along with this orchestra to honor Liverpool city. We will visit the Bombed out Church while discovering its history of this church and itsand impact with the Second World War We will have the opportunity to see (and visit) this beautiful library, which has been a place of attraction for many visitors and locals. We will finish our tour in the Historical Cultural Street, while allowing visitors to enjoy some of the emblematic buildings of the city, such as St George’s Hall and World Museum You will have the opportunity to visit the following places: China Town St.Luke's Bombed-Out Church Catedrales Lyceum St John's Gardens Bold Street Lambananas St George’s Hall And more... Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes before the start time of each tour. Wear a face mask if you can. It is a walking tour, so it is recommended that visitors wear comfortable clothes. Bring good attitude to tour Liverpool. For more info, please contact us. Thank you.


    This Beatles Tour will take you on a day you'll never forget! If you visit Liverpool and you love the Beatles, this is a must for you. We will walk through all the memorable places with informative commentary. Up to 3 hours discovering all the hidden gems related to The Beatles in Liverpool You will have the opportunity to visit important and historical places, such as: The Famous Cavern Club The official Beatles Statue The Anglican Cathedral The Catholic Cathedral LIPA China Town St.Luke's Bombed Out Church Central Library St John's Gardens Town Hall The Royal Albert Dock Pier Head And more... Not only will you be guided you will be chaperoned We can do bespoke tours tailored made to suit you. Please, wear comfortable clothes suitable for a walk, umbrella, raincoats, sunglasses, hats or sunscreen For more info, please contact us. Thank you.

  • Beatles and History Walking Tour

    Discover all the history Liverpool has to offer with our private Beatles and History Walking Tour. Led by expert guides, you'll explore everything from World War II history to The Beatles' famed stomping grounds, as well as the city's docks, economics, and architecture. This tour is the perfect way to get an in-depth look at all this incredible city has to offer. - You will be guided by a local Qualified Tour Guide who will show you Liverpool's hidden gems. - American History in William Brown Street outside Walker Art Gallery, World Museum and the stunning Victorian Round Reading Rooms. - Enjoy the history and architecture during your easy walk through Liverpool World Heritage Site - Guided walk through the Royal Albert Dock. - Learn how and why the city has now emerged as the most vibrant UK city outside London. - Walk along Mathew Street and see outside the famous Cavern Club. - Selfie at the new Beatles statues on Liverpool Waterfront in front of the iconic Liver Birds - Your guide will give you lots of ideas and suggestions in order to explore Liverpool and the surrounding area in safety for the rest of your visit. Tour Timings - 2-hour guided walking tour (the start time can be amended for group bookings) 11:00am - Start – Outside Liverpool Central Library. 11:45am – Mathew Street Walk, Eleanor Rigby statue.Royal Albert Docks 12:15am – Liverpool One £1billion pound open air retail & leisure area and your tour guide will point out the best shops, bars & places to eat. 12:30am - Royal Albert Docks and walk past the Maritime, International Slavery, Tate & Museum of Liverpool. 13:00 – Finish - New Beatles Statues, Canada Boulevard, Liverpool Waterfront, L3 1DP Why not add on the afternoon Hope Street and Cathedrals walking tour? We update our Instagram page with photos & news. @KRToursLiverpool Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes before the start time of each tour. It is a walking tour, so it is recommended that visitors wear comfortable clothes. Bring a good attitude to tour Liverpool. For more info, please contact us. Thank you.

  • A historical tour - Catedrales y más.

    Welcome to Liverpool , a city that history has forged its unique identity. This historical tour invites you to immerse yourself in the layers of time that have left their mark on each street. Explore the hidden gems of Liverpool on our historical tour. Discover interesting facts about the city that you won't find on other tours and see some of the most unique and captivating spots. Available in English and Spanish, this tour includes visits to the cathedrals and provides a different view of the city. From the days of sea trade that catapulted Liverpool to prominence, to the pivotal moments of the Second World War , we will explore together the narratives that have shaped this city over the centuries. Our historical tour begins at Derby Square . This iconic location immediately immerses us in the rich history of Liverpool, with its impressive architecture and historical connections. We will talk about Chinatown , a corner where Chinese culture merges with the rich history of the city. We will discover the influence of the Chinese community and how it has contributed to the diversity and cultural vitality of Liverpool. Upon reaching Hope Street, we immerse ourselves in an environment where culture and wisdom converge. Home to prestigious educational institutions and theatres, this street is a testament to Liverpool's commitment to knowledge and artistic and religious expression. Our journey ends in front of the Anglican Cathedral, an imposing symbol that dominates the skyline. This architectural masterpiece, built over decades, is a tangible representation of the spiritual greatness and dedication of the Liverpool community. Let's prepare for a journey through time, where the streets of Liverpool will become the scene of a captivating historical odyssey. Go ahead, let's discover together the pulsating of the past that beats in every corner of this fascinating city! For more info, please contact us.

  • Free Walking tour of Liverpool

    You will learn about Liverpool's ancient history and the transition over the centuries from a city to a neighborhood and ultimately to a city. Don't miss the opportunity to visit the city's most famous attractions with a local guide. Places you will visit: From our starting point, we will go to William Brown Street (World Heritage Site), Cavern Quarter, where you will have a review of the Beatles and the emblematic place that saw them grow up, the famous Cavern Club. You will discover the fascinating history of Liverpool Castle. We went down to Pier Head, to discover the splendid Three Graces, the Church of Our Lady and Saint Nicholas, and the official statues of the Beatles. We will discover the Royal Albert Dock and learn all about its history. You will also learn about the role that Liverpool played in one of the most famous ships to ever set sail: the Titanic. As you stroll through the Royal Albert Dock, you will discover how the city has become famous with one of the main docks in the country and one of the most important ports in the world. We cover their entire history tied to the Atlantic slave trade, WWII, economic crises, and more. We will finish our tour in one of the greatest maritime monuments in history, the first wet dock in the world. We will explain its meaning not only for Liverpool but for the whole world. You will have the opportunity to visit important and historical places, such as: The Famous Cavern Club The official statue of the Beatles Church of San Nicolás City Hall The Royal Albert Dock Pierhead Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes before the start time of each tour. It is a walking tour, so it is recommended that visitors wear comfortable clothes. Bring a good attitude to tour Liverpool. For more info, please contact us. Thank you.

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