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Edinburgh Free Tour
Old City (In Spanish)

Discover the exciting history of the Old City with the best Free Tour of Edinburgh.
Every day from the Royal Mile, Our professional team of tour guides will make you enjoy the guided tour in an educational and fun way.


Edinburgh Free Tour
New Town and Dean Village 
(In Spanish)

Fall in love with the neoclassical style of Edinburgh's New Town and its most picturesque neighborhoods.

We will discover how its tenants lived during the Industrial Revolution, and how they enjoyed their leisure time in this beautiful place.




Pub Tour; Legends and Stories of Edinburgh (In Spanish)

It's a walking tour through the history of pubs and drinking in Scotland.

Through legends and characters of the city, 

We will learn about the historical events that have occurred inside the pubs over whiskey or beer.


Edinburgh Castle Tour

Edinburgh Castle is one of the oldest fortresses in Europe, dominating the capital of Scotland from the top of an extinct volcano.

You will be guided through the interior of the castle, within its walls, with specific stops assigned by the castle authorities.




Free Harry Potter Tour of Edinburgh

we will visit  all the locations that Edinburgh offers for this magical Harry Potter novel. Feel like one of the characters in the most extraordinary saga in British literature. Let us show you the most haunted places and the most secret alleys in the city.


Folk and Haggis​

Enjoy a unique evening in the heart of Edinburgh, discovering the incredible variety that Scottish cuisine has, accompanied by melodies from the land played by local musicians that will allow you to immerse yourself in the country's culture and journey through the history of Scotland's wonderful folk music .

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