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A historical tour - Catedrales y más.

Tip-Based Walking tour English and Spanish 2:00 PM Meeting point: Derby Square - Queen Victoria

  • Derby Square - Queen Victoria Statue

Descripción del servicio

Welcome to Liverpool , a city that history has forged its unique identity. This historical tour invites you to immerse yourself in the layers of time that have left their mark on each street. Explore the hidden gems of Liverpool on our historical tour. Discover interesting facts about the city that you won't find on other tours and see some of the most unique and captivating spots. Available in English and Spanish, this tour includes visits to the cathedrals and provides a different view of the city. From the days of sea trade that catapulted Liverpool to prominence, to the pivotal moments of the Second World War , we will explore together the narratives that have shaped this city over the centuries. Our historical tour begins at Derby Square . This iconic location immediately immerses us in the rich history of Liverpool, with its impressive architecture and historical connections. We will talk about Chinatown , a corner where Chinese culture merges with the rich history of the city. We will discover the influence of the Chinese community and how it has contributed to the diversity and cultural vitality of Liverpool. Upon reaching Hope Street, we immerse ourselves in an environment where culture and wisdom converge. Home to prestigious educational institutions and theatres, this street is a testament to Liverpool's commitment to knowledge and artistic and religious expression. Our journey ends in front of the Anglican Cathedral, an imposing symbol that dominates the skyline. This architectural masterpiece, built over decades, is a tangible representation of the spiritual greatness and dedication of the Liverpool community. Let's prepare for a journey through time, where the streets of Liverpool will become the scene of a captivating historical odyssey. Go ahead, let's discover together the pulsating of the past that beats in every corner of this fascinating city! For more info, please contact us.

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Please, let us know if you can't attend the tour after booking it. You may be the only booking for the tour that day and our guide will be waiting for you.

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Steble Fountain, William Brown Street, Liverpool, Reino Unido

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